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We ride where we can creare great rides. Our mailbox has little to do with where BikeAWeek rides. Mid-Atlantic, Midwest and Southeast thus far with plans beyond.


An Awesome Week on a Bicycle!
Timelines are ridiculously tight as permits and this website sit between you and a great experience. Costs vary between $1200 and $1900 for the week depending upon which package you choose. Click Rides to see what we have in store.

Welcome to BikeAWeek!

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Our rides are all about possibilities. Weekly distances as high as 550 miles and as low as 300. Routes flatter than 1000' of climb in a day and as challenging as 7500'. Rides built around nights spent camping to nights spent in whatever accomodations that are available along the route and sitting in the lap of luxury at the best there is. Short days in the saddle to long days that take everything you can give. Look for century options as well. Our rides are interesting on a number of levels.
Touring by bicycle is an experience like no other. Whether listening to the roar of the wind during a nice downhill; the sound of your own breath on a brutal uphill; or birds chirping in the trees in a breeze, riders are tuned in to the place they face. A palpable experience.

Personal Fitness is another great feature of a week on a bike, whether celebrating your capabilities and leveraging them to take you to great places or building fitness in supreme surroundings, a week on a bike is a great fitness experience.

A week on a bicycle is an awesome experience. BikeAWeek.com is about creating the ultimate bicycle experience for all abilities and budgets. We are extremely excited about offering extrordinary adventures in exceptional settings. You focus on the ride, we take care of everything else.
Launching now:

The Blue Ridge Parkway, end to end in a week!

This ride is as challenging as it is beautiful.

Click here for more info, or email tom@bikeaweek.com.

This ride is an amazing opportunity for a few people.