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Tom Krupka is a casual rider, sometimes riding with the local club. Tom has ridden several centuries, both supported and unsupported, and rode his first week long 500 mile ride in 1995. Tom holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering and a MS in Industrial Managament. Tools, balance sheets and logistics are all familiar elements in Tom's experience. Tom will be one of the crew for all rides in 2011. He brings with him two decades of experience in group events and logistics, mixing three decimal details with exponential fun.


An Awesome Week on a Bicycle!
Bike A Week.com
Based in South Carolina. A work in progress since March 2010 and launched on the web in 2011.

About us

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2011 will be the first year for BikeAWeek, and will deliver an extrordinary experience for the 100 bicyclists that make the ride. This ride provides a challenge for bicyclists and for BikeAWeek as we work through the details of perfect logistics. The next ride we will set up will cross state lines again, but will not be quite so hilly. Still in the range of 500 miles over a week. That will launch in 2011 if we are lucky, more likely 2012.

Longer term, BAW will create a fundraising component with the goal of passing through the highest fraction of raised funds directly to the designated charities in the industry. My first group ride was quite disappointing in that I asked family and friends to give, only to find out later that the fraction that actually went to work for the cause was way too low. When we move into that space, the fraction that passes through will be a benchamark for other fund raising rides. That will happen 2012/2013.
BikeAWeek is the result of a search for the perfect bicycle mission and discovering a lot of really good rides, but nothing quite like this. The target ride is a week long. Enough time to get into a rhythm, but not long enough to become a grind. There are lots of great rides out there that fit that profile. The vast majority of those are state rides with great traditions within their own boundaries. Most of those are huge rides on the scale of a circus. Lot's of fun, but sleeping on a gym floor just didn't quite work either.

What if rides could be created that were free to cross state lines and small enough to manage with hotels and an option to camp for those on a budget or looking for a camping experience on a much smaller scale?

That "What If?" turned into a beginning. The BikeAWeek website was launched within a week of obtaining permission to "Ride the Ridge" for the entire 470 miles of the Blue Ridge Parkway. The permitting process took almost a year.