Ride the Ridge
Saturday: Travel, check-in and pre-ride briefing 
Somehow, you need to travel from where you are Friday to Waynesboro, VA by 5PM Saturday. Check in at the launch hotel from 3PM until 5PM. There you will get your bike and jersey numbers. We will look over your bicycle and make plans for our pre-ride spaghetti dinner at 6PM. Make an early evening of it as Sunday is a BIG day!
Tuesday: D3: Light day Milling around. 67 miles, 1900' up, 1400' down.
A few days ago, just under 70 miles wouldn't seem like a light day, but today it is. Shorter day and very little climb along with some great places to stop along the way including Mabry Mill and Mayberry Trading Post. Lunch at an overlook to your spec. Due to the short and comparatively flat segment there is one break before and one after lunch.


An Awesome Week on a Bicycle!
Safety Rules
Sunday: Day One (D1)  86 miles, 7100' up, 6500' down.
You start with a big, easily digested breakfast and pack your things. Your destination bag needs to be loaded onto the destination van by 7AM. Your ditty bag needs to be loaded into the roving van and your water bottles need to be filled. From there we do a short van shuttle to the start of the ride and launch by 730AM. Lunch will be sandwiches brought in to your specifications after 50 miles or so. Two mandatory breaks before lunch and three after. As always you are free to stop anywhere you'd like, but the mandatory breaks require a stop, fluid reload and a visit to the snack table. A twelve mile continuouos climb connects the lowest point on the BRP with the highest BRP point in VA. From the high point it is about ten miles downhill into camp. Your gear will be waiting for you at the end so you can shower on arrival and get started on some well deserved relaxation and recovery.
Monday: D2.  Down and around Roanoke and close to a Century.  88 mi, 5800' up/5400' down.
The downhill started late Sunday continues Monday morning as we descend down and around Roanoke, VA. From there we climb out and up to what is more or less a plateau and stop for lunch. Sandwiches on spec again. (It will get better!) After lunch rollers break up comparatively flat terrain until riders move up and over about 800' of rise and descend to our Monday lodging which should prove quite relaxing and provide great opportunities to get to know each other. If your goal is a century, extend Monday's 88 miles to a century to earn your century jersey.
Wednesday: D4: Blowing Rock, NC 51 miles, 2600' up, 2200' down.
Our shortest day with modest climbs takes us up to the mountain town of Blowing Rock, NC for some touring and dinner out. One break before lunch. An early lunch on the road. . .(at a restaurant!) and short ride into town for some choice living.
Bike Prep
The Ride Part II of II
The Ride Part I of II

Ride the Ridge! The Ride: Part I of II