Ride the Ridge
Food and Fluids:
Along the route we provide plenty of stops for fluids, snacks and rest. All at no charge. Most breakfasts and lunches are provided free of charge as well with a few exceptions. Dinner is the same way. For the most part the group will eat together. When that happens, we will pick up the tab or generously subsidize. Alcohol excluded. Getting ready to ride starts with your usual wakeup routine. Dress, pack your things, catch breakfast and get your gear out to our vans.

8 nights hotel accomodations
Saturday night before the ride through Saturday night in Gatlinburg, TN are all included, double occupancy, two riders per room.

We move your gear from destination to destination and carry your daily ditty bag and spare parts in our roving van. If you bonk, or something starts to hurt, we are ready to scoop you up and get you and your bike down the road.

Minor Repairs:
If something major happens, we will need to get a bike shop involved. For most things, we ought to be able to get you up and going in no time. A little roadside labor is free. So is the use of spare parts you bring with you. Anything beyond that is between you and a bike shop. Your best bet is to have a bike mechanic go through your bike a few weeks ahead of your ride, then ride it to ensure all is well.


An Awesome Week on a Bicycle!
Not Included 
Anyone who has ever picked up a bar tab knows that that can run crazy expensive and encourage consumption of mass quantities. Mass quantities of carbs mixes nicely with a great bicycle ride. Alcohol? Not so much.

Bike parts/bike rental.

Medical expenses.
Simple first aid is certainly provided. Should you require more extensive care, that will be between you and your care provider.

Transportation expenses.
Getting to and from the ride is at your own expense. Any evening excursions you choose to take is at your own expense as well. Similarly any transportation for any sort of medical or personal emergency is at your expense.
Safety Rules
Bike Prep
The Ride Part II of II
The Ride Part I of II

Ride the Ridge! Package