Ride the Ridge
Standard Park Service Rules 
Bicycle riders must comply with all applicable state and federal motor vehicle regulations.
Bicycles may be ridden only on paved road surfaces and parking areas.
Bicycles, including mountain bikes, may not be ridden on trails or walkways.
The bicycle operator must exhibit a white light or reflector visible at least 500 feet to the front and a red light or reflector visible at least 200 feet to the rear during periods of low visibility, between the hours of sunset and sunrise, or while traveling through a tunnel.
Bicycles must be ridden single file except when passing or turning left and well to the right-hand side of the road.
Bicycle speed must be reasonable for control with regard to traffic, weather, road and light conditions.


An Awesome Week on a Bicycle!
Special Park Service Rules for this ride
The group will stay single file.
The group will move in small groups of 3 to 4 riders.
The time from the first rider to the last shall not exceed 2 hours.
No stopping in roadway, especially curves.
Avoid riding on the Parkway on foggy days/mornings.
Pull into overlooks when possible to let traffic by.
Additional Bike A Week Rules
The group launches together. Any exceptions worked out in advance with ride director.
Helmet rules:
  If you are straddling your bike you MUST wear your helmet!
  If your bike is bearing ANY of your weight you MUST wear your helmet!
No drafting. At least fifteen feet/three full bike lengths between bicycles.
Stop at all mandatory breaks. Log in fluid and food uptake.
Clearly display bicycle and jersey numbers.
No hammering. If you are on the drops you'd better be soft pedaling. This is not a race!
  Sit UP using your body as an air brake. Never downhill on the drops.
  Brake intermittantly.
  Stop and check rim temperatures on long downhills.
  Manage speed. Do NOT try to set a personal record. That's ONE way to die.
Wear high visibility clothing.
Stop before entering tunnels unless you can see the other end prior to entry
  Hydrate and carb compulsively.
  If you are not whizzing pale yellow, drink more.
  Log fluids and food at each mandatory stop.
  Do not drink from streams.
When cycling in a group, adjust your spacing to allow motor vehicles to pass safely.
Think courtesy more than rights.
Check your six before crossing left or passing.
Keep your group tight and in sight.

Ride the Ridge! Safety Rules

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